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Miniature World by Vivid Arts

Please note that Miniature World is no longer available for trade customers to buy.

Residual product is still available from some retailers. Please call first before making a journey to buy.

Meeting consumer demand for products to create Fairy worlds and miniature planted scenes, Vivid Miniature World enables customers to create Fairy Gardens and much, much more.

Just add imagination!

Designed and created by Vivid, everything from concept to production QC.


The site is intended as a simple overview guide to previously available ranges. If you require specific information regarding Vivid Arts products, please send us a message via the contact page and we’ll get straight back to you.

Please note that Vivid Arts do not sell direct to the public, preferring to leave this to our dedicated stockist base, many of whom operate retail outlets and quite often sell on-line.

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About Miniature World

Vivid Miniature World was created by Vivid Arts, the leading supplier of innovative Garden Decor products to Garden Centres and other leisure retailers across the UK and Ireland.

Miniature World was an innovative range of products that has taken an under-developed product category forward with focus, imagination and proven product capability.

Designed in the UK, accurately scaled, finely detailed and finished to the highest quality levels associated with the existing Vivid product range, Vivid Miniature World provided a unique and fun consumer proposition.

As with all Vivid products , the full range was suitable for use indoor or outdoor.


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Trade Customers
If you are a trade customer, the site will give you a general overview of the original range of products.

If you wish to view the main Vivid Arts website, please use this link :

Alternatively, you can email us at


Vivid Arts products are stocked by quality garden & and leisure retailers across the UK and Southern Ireland, many of whom will also be stockists for Miniature World.

If you are a consumer looking to buy a Miniature World product, please use our find a stockist section on this site to find your nearest Miniature World retailer. As above, please note that retailers will just have residual items in stock now.

If you wish to view the main Vivid Arts website, please use this link :

If you have any problems or have a specific question, please contact us via email on

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