A creative range of buildings and accessories to ensure a perfect day at the beach!

MW08-001 Shell Beach Cottage

Shell Beach Cottage

Code : MW08-001

Length : 21cm

MW08-002 Pearl Shell House

Pearl Shell House

Code : MW08-002

Length : 17cm

MW08-003 Charcoal Shell House

Charcoal Shell House

Code : MW08-003

Length : 17cm

MW08-006 Surfer Van

Surfer Van

Code : MW08-006

Length : 18cm

MW08-005 Ice Cream Van

Ice Cream Van

Code : MW08-005

Length : 18cm

MW08-004 Beach Hut

Beach Hut

Code : MW08-004

Height : 13cm

MW08-007 Rock Lighthouse

Rock Lighthouse

Code : MW08-007

Height : 20cm

MW08-008 Punch & Judy Show

Punch & Judy Show

Code : MW08-008

Height : 11cm

MW08-009 Lifebuoy House

Lifebuoy House

Code : MW08-009

Height : 13cm

MW08-018 To The Beach Sign

To the Beach Sign

Code : MW08-018

Height : 6cm

MW08-010 Windbreak - Yellow


Code : MW08-010

Length : 12cm

MW08-016 Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket

Code : MW08-016

Height : 3cm

MW08-012 Red Bucket and Spade

Red Bucket & Spade

Code : MW08-012

Height : 2cm

MW08-014 Sandcastle

Sand Castle

Code : MW08-014

Length : 4cm

MW08-015 Picnic Blanket

Picnic Basket

Code : MW08-015

Width : 5cm

MW08-013 Beach Ball

Beach Ball

Code : MW08-013

Width : 2cm

MW08-011 Deck Chair

Deck Chair

Code : MW08-011

Height : 5cm

MW08-017 Shells - Design 1
MW08-017 Shells - Design 2
MW08-017 Shells - Design 3


Code : MW08-017

Length : 3cm

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